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Ps. I thought I will let you know I used the milk product when the little ones were small however the "bum paste" is the best sun block you can find... You probably think I'm crazy you won't believe I only need to apply it twice a day and the kids still have it on their skin after swimming. Regards Jacki


Hi there, I have used the Milk bum cream and spray on my daughter since January this year. I used to battle with nappy rash, so much so that she had blisters. Since using Milk she hasn’t had it once, and has been on antibiotics since then which didn’t affect her little tushy. I am overly impressed with it. My daughter’s name is Jayden, her birthday is the 4th PLEASE WILL YOU LET ME KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY THE PRODUCTS, I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Debbie de Wet

Debbie de Wet

I get very bad eczema and yesterday I grabbed one of the hydrating creams to try on it and its from crocodile rough to a soft human skin eczema in one application.

Ru-Ann Venter

Milk's Bum Paste is without a doubt the best product available, I have tried numerous other similar products for my daughters severe teething rash, none made any difference. After the first application of Milks' Bum Paste you could already see a difference and within 24 hours her severely burned bum was completely healed. I have also started applying a small amount of Milks' Bum Paste to her chin which had a small rash due to teething which causes constant drooling, I struggled to get the rash under control and even went to the doctor for prescription ointment which made no difference, now I only apply the Bum Paste once a week and it has disappeared entirely. You will most definitely not find a better product in SA!!!

Tanya Stoman

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