Company Founder

Charming. Spirited. A one-of-a-kind success story. Over the years, order there have been many successful business leaders but none as unique as Sean Carstens, Founder of Milk baby products. His accomplishments left an unforgettable mark in many people’s lives and opened the door for women around South Africa to experience success on their own terms.

“I will still be here to remind you of who you are!”

These words embody the very spirit of Sean Carstens and the Company he created. It’s the spirit he learned as a young man playing rugby in Pretoria’s rugby franchise the Blue Bulls. When facing new and daunting tasks, Sean, quite rugby and pursued his new mandate in life, a mandate that became his passion, focus and heart beat. Sean was encouraged and shown grace from his wife Celeste to advance and conquer the very dark hole he found himself in. “I will still be here to remind you of who you are.” Sean Carstens did more than embrace this empowering spirit – he passed it on through a remarkable company that would inspire millions for generations to come.

“I envisioned a company in which any woman could become just as successful as I want to be. The doors would be wide open to opportunities for women who had the courage to dream.”

So in 2005, with his past experience, dream, passion and amazing relationships Sean Carstens created MILK baby products. It was a first – a company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women. It was founded not on the competitive rule but on the Golden Rule – on praising people to success – and on the principle of placing faith first, family second and career third. It is a company with a lot of heart.

“The success MILK baby products is much, much deeper than just rands and cents and buildings and assets. The real success of our Company is measured to me in the lives that have been touched and given hope.”