With Vitamin E

  • Mineral oils
  • 5{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} Polydecare – non-oily
  • Oil-free hands
  • Silky smooth results
  • Good for sensitive skin (deep moisteriser)
  • 5{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} Sweet Almond Oil
  • 0.5{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} Defensil ®
  • 0.5{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} Vitamin E
  • Very soft, just like skin, moist-retaining
  • Moisturises skin
  • Parabin-free


Defensil ® – Defensil ® is an optimum, self-reinforcing and detailed system for physical and biochemical protection and care against physical and chemical influences of sensitive skin types. All ingredient materials are natural products and have been scientifically tested in terms of both their effectiveness and safety. The excellent inflammation inhibitory effectiveness of Defensil ® for the care of sensitive skin was proven by in-vivo measurements.

Sweet Almond Oil – Reconstructs, rejuvenates and heals skin.

Vitamin E – Antioxidant – protects skin cells from ultraviolet light and pollution.

Sunflower Seed Oil – Retains skin’s moisture and provide a protective barrier that resists infection in infants.

Polydecare – anti-inflammatory and reduces irritation.