Hydrating Cream


With milk proteins and plant oils In fragranced and unfragranced

  • 100{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} natural moisturiser
  • Great for eczema, mind inflammation, drugs itchy and irritated skin.
  • Only baby-hydrating cream on the market that contains Defensil ®.
  • Superior protection for babies/kids.
  • 5{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} Sweet Almond Oil.
  • Contains Allantoin.
  • Stimulates tissue cells.
  • Strengthens barrier of the skin, vialis 40mg smooths demanding and sensitive skin.
  • Hydrating film on the skin through the active ingredient Lactofil Moist.
  • Milk cream hydrates skin and oil moisturises the skin.
  • Parabin-free.


Defensil – Defensil ® is an optimum, self-reinforcing and detailed system for physical and biochemical protection and care against physical and chemical influences of sensitive skin types. All ingredient materials are natural products and have been scientifically tested in terms of both their effectiveness and safety. The excellent inflammation inhibitory effectiveness of Defensil ® for the care of sensitive skin was proven by invivo measurements.

Glycerin – Moisturiser.

Lactofil Moist – It has a key proportion of proteins. Condensed, it contains all the native whey proteins plus lactose, the free milk glycoside that reinforces its hydration ability. Whey proteins are known for their particularly high content in essential amino acids and polar amino acids. Lactofil Moist contains more than 40{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} essential amino acids, a significantly higher level than other types of proteins traditionally used in cosmetics, i.e. collagen or wheat proteins. These amino acids offer nourishing properties to the skin and form a hydrating film on the epidermal surface by bonding with water molecules. This hydration level is boosted by â-lactoglobulin, preserving natural moisture balance while capturing “external” water, and by lactose that offers a strong affinity for water.

Allantoin – The earliest reported topical use of Allantoin was in the 16 century. Roots of comfrey (which were later discovered to contain Allantoin) were used to treat wounds. It increases moisture retention, providing the skin with a smoothing effect, and accelerates the growth of new tissue. It is a skin protectant, anti-irritant and stimulates normal tissue formation. It help support the natural regeneration of the skin. Allantoin aids to protect the skin against environmental and mechanical stresses by helping the skin to maintain its integrity. It softens and boosts the radiant appearance of the skin.