Bum Spray


First on the market! Odour neutraliser, natural disinfectant moisturiser & protector.

  • 100{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} natural superior product.
  • Neutralises bad and smelly odours.
  • Anti-inflammatory, calms skin.
  • Anti-bacterial.
  • Prevents dryness.
  • Natural healer for eczema and wounds.
  • Parabin-free.


Bisabolol (Camomile plant) – Pure Bisabolol active in Camomile plant.

Bittre orange extract – Antiinflamitory, reduces skin irritation, heals wounds/eczema/dryness, anti-bacterial, 100{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} natural.

Oleate – Prevents dryness, seals in water.

Tree Extract – Anti-inflammatory, smoothes and calms skin.