Bum Paste


With zinc oxide and sweet almond oil

  • Medical grade Lanolin – to treat chapped lips, burnt bums and cracked nipples.
  • Highest level of Lanolin on the market today (15{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72}).
  • Regenerates, reconstructs, soothes and heals skin.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Contains natural mineral oils.
  • Skin barrier four times stronger than the standard barrier.
  • 5{430932a968c6fa14f3986b73b0bdfb94cd3422cf3971fbc9cdb92c765fbe1f72} Sweet Almond Oil.
  • Perfect for dry and sensitive skin.


Petrolatum – Protects and heals cuts and burns.
[FYI: discovered in 1859; Robert Chesebrough traveled around New York demonstrating the Petrolatum product to encourage sales by burning his skin with acid or over an open flame, then spreading the Petrolatum on his injuries and indicating how past injuries have healed]

Lanolin – Natural, oil/wax from sheep’s wool; absorbs water, heals skin and anti-irritant.

Sweet Almond Oil – Reconstructs, rejuvenates and heals skin.

Bees Wax – Natural barrier.

Axocarade Wax – Thickens the product.

Zea Maize – Absorbs water.

Zinc Oxide – Deodorises, anti-bacterial.